Important Changes in Dynamics 365 CRM Customer Engagement Are Noteworthy

As promised, Microsoft has once again brought about a broad range of changes to Dynamics 365 CRM Customer Engagement. We’re sure, over the years and with so many changes, you have come to master these changes introduced every now and then. But, in the event that you face problem in understanding them, it’s best to seek the assistance of an expert on the subject matter.

Each of these changes introduced to Dynamics 365 CRM is quite impactful as they are being deprecated within Dynamics 365 CRM. So, what does this mean? This means that Microsoft is removing or intends to remove some features or capabilities of the future releases of Dynamics 365 CRM. These deprecated features will no longer be available or work in the system.

Deprecated Change No 1: Dynamics 365 and Outlook

While almost 80% corporate companies have, since a long time, relied upon Dynamics 365 for Outlook – view contextual information right inside Outlook through Dynamics 365, and even access email messages along with other essential thing – the feature has been added to the deprecated list now. This means that no further updates will be released under this head.

Deprecated Change No 2: Dynamics 365 and Service Scheduling

The Unified Resource Scheduling system allowed you to schedule multiple booking requirements for clients on a recurring basis. This typically aided in minimizing travel time and enhancing efficiency of the resources. But, in the upcoming change list, this feature has been deprecated, and will also be removed from any further major releases as well. Those using the feature will be intimated beforehand by Microsoft to migrate to a new service-scheduling software.

Deprecated Change No 3: Dynamics 365 and Dialogs

The old known dialogs have been added to the list of deprecated features. While the dialog process represented a wizard-like interface, users had to enter data as they proceeded through each and every wizard page. Now, the feature has been replaced by a business task flow and mobile task flow. This typically will simplify the entire process and is said to be more attractive now.

Deprecated Change No 5: Parachute Knowledge base

The use of parachutes from Microsoft Knowledge base as Dynamics know-how manager has been deprecated as well. It has been strategically replaced with Knowledge Management Solution. It is also estimated that Knowledge Solution setting in Knowledge Base Management System will also be removed in any further releases of Dynamics 365.

Deprecated Change No 6: Project Service Finder

Once announced as an important addition to Dynamics 365, today, Project Service Finder App has been added to the list of things being deprecated. The so-called legacy application will now be supported for association with Project Service Automation as per Microsoft’s Modern Life cycle Policy. The software giant will release more functions in its future releases.

This is not the end. The list has just begun. All the features that were once important for Microsoft dynamics CRM consultants, will the changing times, have proved unworthy. The list includes, Contracts, Contract Line Items, Templates, Standard SLAs for customer service, Relationship Roles, Mail Merge, Announcements, and some client APIs.

To conclude, each of these changes can and will affect the way organizations have been working. But, the rule of nature says – change with the changing times, so is the time now! Note the changes and look for ways to accommodate these deprecation and changes.

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