Which iOS features are available in Android Marshmallow that developers can use for app development?

Many times it happens when you notice similarities between iOS and android features. Apple has been accused by Android fanatics for stealing borrowing the best features from Google’s mobile operating system. However, the upcoming iOS 9 and android 6.0 Marshmallow finally turn the table. We will discuss top features that Android Marshmallow has borrowed from iOS to make the android app development practice more interesting.

1. Android Pay ≠ Apple Pay

Android Application Development

It’s now time to adieu Google Wallet and welcome Android Pay. If you are using Google’s new mobile payment system, you will notice major similar things available in Apple Pay. You are allowed to upload your credit card info on Android Pay for making transactions. Android pay uses NFC technology to complete the transactions. Users need to select the card and authenticate the mobile transaction through fingerprint. Ahem! You got it right- it will work as your Touch ID!

2. Native Fingerprint Authentication – The Touch ID

 Native Fingerprint Authentication

The concept of Touch ID was introduced in 2013 and since then, it has provided users a secure way to unlock their iOS devices and authenticate purchases. Now, Android users can also get same Touch ID experience with Marshmallow.

3. Selected Text Editing

Selected text editing

Earlier versions of Android were having option of selecting a string of text and cut/copy/paste accordingly. The latest update of Marshmallow brings new option of editing the selected text. This more intuitive interface was first noticed in iOS devices.

4. Control on App Permission

Control on app permission

Users can avail more ways to manage the app permissions with Marshmallow. Earlier android users were only able to deny or accept all permissions at once for installing the app to their devices. With Marshmallow, users will be notified every time when an app wants to access anything of the device- like camera, GPS, microphone, etc.

Users will also be allowed to see and change the level of access for each app under settings  >Apps > Gear icon > App permission.

5. Voice Search Activation From The Lock Screen

voice search

Android users can now activate Google Now’s voice search directly through a lock screen shortcut.

6. Disabling The Background Tasks for Every App

Disabling the background tasks for every app

The Doze mode of Marshmallow allows users to turn on or off the battery optimizations for every app. This will save android phone battery life.

7. DND for Repeat Calls

DND for repeat calls

Do Not Disturb is a great feature for smartphone users who want to have a good night’s sleep. Marshmallow allows android users to activate DND or Do Not Call option for repeat callers.

8. The Direct Sharing

the direct sharing

The direct share feature in Marshmallow let the users to share content with their contacts within different apps. For instance, the direct share target might release an activity in different social network app that allows user to share content or story directly with the contacts or community in that specific application.

9. USB Type-C Port Support

USB Type-C port support

Announcement of support for USB type- C port in Marshmallow has been made by Google. This port will allow users to charge their devices faster than ever. User can plug the USB cable into a device in any direction and can also use their phone to charge other devices.

This latest version of Android OS will soon roll out by Google. Developers need to wait for the update to make best practices for android app development.


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